Behind the Scenes: Let’s Play World of Warcraft – Episode 2

The Panda Posse rolls out in this Behind the Scenes of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Ep. 2.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Let’s Play World of Warcraft – Episode 2

  1. 808Productionz

    So you´╗┐ don’t know something, yet instead of looking it up THEN answering someone elses question. You answer someones question without even having any idea of the answer?

  2. Knightofnoskill

    dude, you see that little LED screen where the keypad should be on there laptops keyboard? that means it’s the razer blade pro which is $2,500. assuming ryan has a razer blade pro as well´╗┐ it is $2,500×6 which equals $15,000

  3. dagenham19

    simply stunning! . i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. i am telling you, give ur delivery addr with phone number to make sure you get it. have a try and enjoy´╗┐ ­čÖé =>

  4. yuri9343

    like a jerk by saying”You think they use´╗┐ the xbox to record on the PC? I´╗┐ think I got cancer from reading that.”

  5. yuri9343

    I dont know anything about this kind of stuff i was´╗┐ saying a theory that all no need to act like this.

  6. yuri9343

    Yes there will be 6 part and they released 2 its taking time because the lets play work like a calendar and they already have others lets play planed and they hadd difficulty to record aparently so that why´╗┐ its taking so much time


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