Découverte de la Horde avec Superbrioche | World of Warcraft

Rediffusion d’un live fait sur Twitch.tv à l’occasion de la découverte de la Horde sur World of Warcraft ! Pour suivre mes prochains lives twitch, pensez à v…

Everything about patch 5.3 we know so far! Follow Jess on Facebook and Twitter! –//—.twitter—/jessbrohard –//—.facebook—/jessbrohard For mo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


49 thoughts on “Découverte de la Horde avec Superbrioche | World of Warcraft

  1. Océane BLAZE

    une question un peu conne je vien d arriver sur youtube et comment on fait pour etre avec siph ou des autres en live ??? genre pour commenter en directe au tchat ?

  2. VHuitVteam98

    Qui A Worl of Warcraft je suis un petit youtubeur et je joue World of Warceaft avecassé bon Stuff

  3. Sukanya Harish naik

    @tmigwyz yeah yeah we all know that! also! dude i think you would enjoy this game have a look –> bit.ly/13c7RNU?=eihmj

  4. Deathnnins

    1 – regarde la date de la video
    2 – tu crois qu’il vas te repondre ?
    3 – tu crois qu’il vas jouer avec toi ?
    4 – tu est con ?

  5. josephmaidenn

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  6. MissFabHelen

    no one is making you buy the new things if you prefer grinding and stuff go ahead, no ones stopping you. for the people who wants a quick access they are thanking blizzard. stop being a little bitch and complaining. dealwithitxo

  7. Сергей Макар


  8. Luis Contreras

    wow got too noobed up…steam is the way to go if you wanna play an mmo…unfortunately, wow just isn’t as challenging anymore 😦

  9. musicismylifeXD

    oh lmao. i thought you were just saying something like, “its a shirt, yay” lol. I didn’t know woot was a website >.< well tyvm 😀

  10. Deb Raposa

    yep i agree, i know alot of people who think it is fake. i know one thing for sure, i’ve been getting paid about $200 a week just for letting brands know what i prefer to buy. if you wanna try just try now: bit.ly12vKIRo


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  12. Bobby Chitwood

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  13. Ghostx339

    i feel the same way about my prot pally… i was devestated when it no longer felt like my tank… last time i played, we needed dps gear, i didn’t give a rats ass haha i just worked extra hard while wearing the PROPER tanking gear hahah. but in the end, it wasn’t the same pally i loved. even when all other toons got boring; i could still resort to my pally. but no longer. hope things have changed, as i’m considering returning for a month.

  14. Ghostx339

    haven’t played in about a year, maybe a little less… when i left, nothing felt like WoW anymore, just felt like a new/different game… couldn’t really stick with it anymore.. even my beloved prot pally didn’t feel like its self anymore… i’m considering returning for a month, but i’m undecided. hoping it’ll be fun with these new changes 🙂


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