End of the World (Of Warcraft)

End of the World (Of Warcraft)

Its coming, the end of the world, and I cant wait… God its been awhile since I’ve really spent the time to machinimate a proper movie. I had a lot of fun o…

Whats up guys! I’m Firepowa, a lvl 90 Frost DK! This series is to help the new players to World of Warcraft get started! I will hopefully answer all of you q…
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49 thoughts on “End of the World (Of Warcraft)

  1. Will Matney

    Well done but if history is correct war on earth was happening before the wow game was developed.

  2. Feoknight90

    I found it easy to level as a rouge but not on retail ive been playing on astal world of warcraft its more fun and less lag.

  3. Yarragon1

    You sure? I thought I heard it pretty clearly, even in one of the sections he wasn’t singing in the background. Ears might be playing tricks on me…

  4. TheLoreWolf

    Nope. At the same time it is also singing ‘Deathwing has his time alone’ and ‘Warcraft’ clashes with ‘His’ and it comes out as ‘Swarcraft’

  5. belindia jenkins

    i said in my opinion , i never said TBC was bad.. i just really didnt like how hard and long it took to level i added “in my opinion” for a reason. it was boring be cause like now 15 minutes of making a toon bam your level 8 – 10 in vanilla youd be barely level 2 … i found that very irritating again this is MY opinion i cant speak for others.

  6. belindia jenkins

    how can you miss vanilla lol x.x thought i was going to die .. grinding was hard and just made it more boring lol… in my opinion

  7. joe flint

    is this real i think the new pandria is the problem i hate that not the game the pandas pls pandas fuck off piss off pandas i hate em there the fucking problem

  8. lovelierlex

    But I played since right before BC was released so I think I wouldve gotten bored by panda anyway even if cata was good

  9. lovelierlex

    My favorite expansion was Wotlk– that was awesome! I didn’t like Cata for different reasons than a lot of people. The raids were too hard for people on my realm (yes my realm did kind of suck, it was one of the worst ones) and I really hated only ever getting to see the first few bosses.

  10. naji anfar

    sure is right, i know alot of people who think it is fake. Listen to this, it’s way easier than i thought do a few surveys and boom a few $100 extra in your bank every week. its worth a try here: bit.ly1aoTIOD

  11. Yarragon1

    Anyone else just realize that in one verse, it’s Starcraft instead of Warcraft? Well played, Nyhm, well played. I didn’t notice until 3 years later…

  12. MistwalkerKris

    You know its then end when you see jesus acend from heaven to bring all those worthy into his kingdom and leaving the unworthy to die

  13. Nightelf007

    who the fuck likes sitting there attacking the same player for 30 minutes because the health is so high and healers can spam heal all day? talk about boring …

  14. Ethan Daly

    Hey nice video helped me heaps.. on some parts.. What if you are using trials to get to know the game.. Because I am using trials and I want to get hunter for my first class but idk if you can change your pet unless you get like level 30 or get the full edition.. please help.

  15. Noah Mendes

    im new to this game and i was wondering what class i should choose..by that i mean the easiest so i can get used to the game..?

  16. Lorraine Onorato

    Most popular guide in WoW and its AMAZING!! I have used this guide for a few months now and its MENTAL!! If you haven’t got this already its a must!
    Link to her website: tinyurl (dot) com/ndyvnf6 ( Remove the (dot) and put a (.) Sorry not aloud links. Hope you enjoy 🙂

  17. King Dyablo

    Im a MAJOR noob to all mmorpgs lol. Started playin wow today, im a blood elf hunter, anyon have any tips?

  18. Daniel Perdono

    I have bought a lot of guides about wow leveling and the only one that really helps me you can find it here LINK: tinyurl(dot)com/k7xgjek . Inside you will discover things like: “Creates The Fastest Leveling Path Possible” , “Custom Built In-Game Talent Tree Advisor” , ” 24 Hour Technical Support ” and more .. Check it and have fun 🙂

  19. Joshua Morse

    Horde don’t gank as much as ally XD shit open your eyes in BGs man 1 or 2 horde vs half the ally team….

  20. perfectwarmachine

    New to WoW? then go to the realm Tanaris and join my guild The Dragonborn, we can help you with anything and answer all of your questions

  21. CaptainSprinkles1985

    How’s the pvp in wow? I’ve only ever played swtor and loved pvping but quickly grew tired of the grind. Thinking of trying out wow but don’t have tons of time to invest in grinding out gear


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