Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

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This is the official cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft’s third expansion, Cataclysm. The original description for the content featured in this expansio…


50 thoughts on “Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

  1. crossblood89

    They should take a screen shot of 1:11 and make some custom t-shirts. Also, people in his home town can wear them and Stephen can see that shit. LOL

  2. Danek Menty

    Can somebody explain to me why is wow so popular ? Dont get me wrong , im not hating just wondering. Im 51 destro warlock ,been in few dungeons/raids but i still cant find why its so popular , to me game feels dull without any life , sure there is bg and arena but its still same dull.Maybe its caused that i expected too much from wow , considering its popularity.But as i said im not hating just wondering

  3. amog10

    lol?is this why they force alliance players to play horde scenarios, lore (and it feels realy stupid to be a goblin or a troll and to help the horde) etc.?every patch something big happens with the horde and almost nothing happens with the alliance, now is garrosh and his stupid storyline, in cata it was thrall in every dungeon and raid, in a lot of quest etc ..if they are favoring a side its the HORDE

  4. TheShattered Heart

    In my opinion Shat didn’t really impress me it felt like one of those ‘bad’ cities where it had lots of crime and stuff, just in Dal you felt at home they could’ve made it bigger but just with all the great landscape and the crystal forest below just made it feel warm and cozy.

  5. scorpionz7175

    If you play both sides then why do you have that disguisting avatar ? Horde fanboy , blizz doesnt have a favorite , horde gets attention too with siege of orgrimmar.When Deathwing destroyed ‘The park’ i wasnt that happy cuz that zone had druid trainers, also it was the place where many ppl were roleplayin.

  6. DominationPVP

    Ughh, yet another Alliance fanboy, I play both sides and either way….horde could have crushed the alliance and alliance could have crushed horde. Just because in the most recent case the alliance lets the horde survive (not even logical) Doesn’t make the alliance any better..even though blizzard keeps showing favouritism to the alliance. Also, blizzard show death wing damaging stormwind, as a way of showing the alliance how much they are favored by getting this form of attention

  7. scorpionz7175

    You have the chance to destroy those horde scums capital in 5.4 don’t worry.
    In 5.4 after garrosh is defeated , King Varian Wrynn lets thrall go back to power even if he had the chance to destroy the entire horde.Just as wrathion said in the legendary quests.Horde should thank us.

  8. scorpionz7175

    Cata was not the worst expansion they lost around 1,2 subs and regained around half milion players when ragnaros returned but pandaria lost 2,1 and the number is still going fast down. Deathwing was way more intimidating than pandas and garrosh >

  9. Christian Paymar

    Hi guys, please check my video of How To Make A Black Hole In WoW (and the consequences) and also please thumbs up so other people may see it!


  10. dalekedify

    Wrath was great but I hated Dal within a week of launch. It was gorgeous and I liked it fine otherwise but it was always overcrowded and immensely laggy because of it’s size. It only got moderately better once they opened up the ability to fly there. Shat worked out much better as a neutral city imho.

  11. TheFunkydonkeyafro

    The story was pretty great it had that epic edge to it whereas Arthas had that symbolic feel to it. If only Blizz worked on Cataclysm in the future or had not rushed it. Then it wouldn’t be a joke it would instead be a great expansion. And anyway Deathy sucked compared to Arthas and Illidan cause we didn’t see much of Deathy in the spotlight, we saw Arthas + Illidan in previous Warcraft games numerous of times and saw there story develop and grow. But instead saw Deathy scheme in the shadows

  12. blueishmonkey1

    Deathwing actually was very interesting before Cataclysm. Metzen apparently forgot about the scheming mastermind who manipulated entire nations to their downfall, and instead turned Neltharion into a generic fantasy “THE WORLD WILL BURN” dragon..

    It’s really a shame. He could have been so much more.


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