Higher than Ultra Graphics for World of Warcraft

Higher than Ultra Graphics for World of Warcraft

UPDATE: For a demonstration of fog on very-wide screen setups you can check this video: –//—.youtube—/watch?v=glg1We2uOw4 Comments about these two i…
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25 thoughts on “Higher than Ultra Graphics for World of Warcraft

  1. Itsmerut

    Graphics don’t say much in my opinion, its the artstyle that matters.I don’t give a single fuck if i have wotlk graphics or mop graphics

  2. Rohit Mallur

    @bxxgzmh for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there BUT! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted >>> bit.ly/14eHAB0?=deslg

  3. Crixe

    Technically it does. But it’s not nearly as popular. Graphics limit your audience. The style is also way different but I did like SWTorR back in closed beta it was funner when people actually enjoyed the game more and they had a bigger player base. Open Beta kinda drove it crazy the first day of full servers was amazing though they had the smoothest game launch in MMO history. But people are picky with games. Graphics aren’t everything sadly. 😦

  4. Michelle Vn

    I think it’s more likely because I have an older video card that isn’t optimal for wow anymore 🙂

  5. Nemes1sXx

    WoW is, believe it or not, a difficult game to run max at all times. Running 60+FPS in a 25 man raid at max settings is INCREDIBLY hard.

    The reasoning for that is that most people get beastly video cards thinking that they will destroy WoW with their card… But WoW is a CPU intensive game. Im running a 3.8ghz quad core with an Nvidia 9800GT… that card is shit… its a $40 card and because of my cpu i can run WoW better than my friends who have $300 + cards.

  6. Michael J Fox

    Yeah, I’ve got an $1100 budget PC, and I still dip below 60 FPS at times. Bugs the shit out of me, and is only WoW.


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