IGN News – Illegal World of Warcraft Theme Park Open in China

IGN News - Illegal World of Warcraft Theme Park Open in China

More stories at the IGN News show page! https://—.youtube—/channel/SWqEFJtCnE_bI The park features absolutely gigantic Warcraft statues, themed rides, a…
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How to make the World of Warcraft Cocktail - Forsaken Elixir  - Tipsy Bartender

This one’s for all you gamers out there! This is a World of Warcraft -inspired drink…THE FORSAKEN ELIXIR! This cocktail has a gorgeous green-blue hue, but …
Video Rating: 4 / 5


49 thoughts on “IGN News – Illegal World of Warcraft Theme Park Open in China

  1. DragonStarPokeFan55

    its going to be funny when they try to sue china they will get to feel the pain of my hunter getting nerfed

  2. Arkenarge

    I say they let them stay. Its already made anyway. It’ll only promote world of warcraft further indirectly.

  3. Massive Tits

    “48 million dollars”. How the fuck did that manage that? cost us billions to make shit in the usa..

  4. Aaron Coster

    And I quote “the only thing I would recognize is the blood elf architecture, other than that it’s all fantasy related”

  5. Ali omran

    It’s china, they don’t give a fcuk about copyrights , gl blizzard, u can feel how we feel when nerfing us

  6. SuperJoshuaAguilar

    Watch they with put more rides and features in the amusement park then ppl will complain about how vanilla amusement park was better, then ppl will randomly call you noob because you havent been on all the rides yet….then they add pandas.

  7. Tati Pinheiro

    I’m your fan, so when you come to Brazil to prepare me to teach the true caipirinha with Leblon cachaça? I’m waiting!!

  8. idratherbeanonymous

    1 video is 1 video too many. don’t know what skyy was thinking when he picked up her and actually decided to put her in front of people.

  9. eagleclaww

    Sophia and Malorie are leagues above the rest, followed by Jessica and Mel. I would be happy with only those 4 being in the show.

  10. idratherbeanonymous

    She should be a regular Tipsy girl. I know who she could replace but I wont say any names *cough*Luz*cough*.

  11. D4rkD3stiny

    Sky! I beg you! Get her more often pls! She is amazing! I fell in love with her voice…just wow!

  12. etop18

    I am actually gay, must state that first. She makes me want to change back to women!!!!! Imma Tauren Resto Shammy. You need to keep her :3

  13. dakid40777

    @moyga not when you have 3 characters its not so yeah a paladin warrior lol idgaf about my dk(fuck that knight)

  14. Mason Ray

    This girl has to be one of my favorites. She’s cute and doesn’t seem as ditsy as the others.

    Oh, and she plays WoW.


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