“Is WoW dead/dying?” (A World of Warcraft discussion)

Is WoW dead? How about the latest 7.7 mil subscriber drop? Has age worn the game down? Or is it as strong as ever? Did MoP successfully reinvigorate the game…
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World of Warcraft turns eight on November 23, and we’d like to thank our amazing community for joining us in celebrating eight epic years of adventure. To ce…


48 thoughts on ““Is WoW dead/dying?” (A World of Warcraft discussion)

  1. Andrew Jones

    Like you said it lost more that most MMO live of in a few months another words its dying! You want to know why its dying? Because there is another game out there slowly taking its player base!

  2. Budder Boy

    I dont think that the classes should have their counters. Its a game based off of skill, its not rock paper scissors or pokemon

  3. Creznour

    The solution isn’t difficult. Simply not allow the newest raid or highest tier a LFR. For instance, Fireland’s would have an LFR, but DragonSoul would not until %nerfs begin (dated example). If you wish to see the content you must progress through it. LFR would allow casual players to see the content and catch up; however, it would not allow full clears of normal with lfr gear. Thus, everyone sees the content while allowing incentive for raiding. It isn’t hard.

  4. poe2299

    I think that will change. In 2011 Activision merged with Blizzard, which means they had some say in the direction it went. Now blizzard has full control again.

  5. poe2299

    Wow will last a minimum of 2 more expansions to get players to level 100. beyond that, patches rather than expansions will continue progressions and storylines as long as subscriptions remain high enough (according to blizzard, >500k players) which we are far from dropping below. Wow will continue as the subscription game, and Titan will become the F2P game model.

  6. poe2299

    As far as LFR and endgame, etc. Very few people who raided pre lfr, have stopped raiding because of LFR. LFR provides a casual player with the ability to experience content, but I fail to see how it affects raiding guilds or people who want a challenge.

  7. poe2299

    Have to realize something about subscription numbers. The vast majority of those who have left the game completely are from asian servers. 1. gold farming lawsuits have eliminated many companies, most originating in china. 2. Wow has eliminated support and ability for Windows 2000 to play it starting with Mop. 3. wow has peaked in 2010, and has returned to 2008 levels. Wow was no where close to being cancelled during BC than it is now.

  8. noobkiller390

    i just hate how dumb people are always saying how “shit” xpans are but then they were the same people that bitched in vanilla about how sick they are of grinding and now they same people now bitch about how easy the game is and how vanilla was “the best” and they want it back. everyone in vanilla was bitching about how bad the game was and they wanted it easier. every time a new xpan comes out people say the last one was “the best” even though they were bitching about it on release.

  9. terrotino BESTTROLLEU

    i know whats the new thing is gonna be basicly lich king died but somebody els stepped on the trone in the cinematic well there you go next expansion based on this fucker

  10. Ryan Grinkewitz

    i dont like the new talent system
    and i want arthas to still be living, i think Wow would be way better if arthas somehow is revived, lich kings epic

  11. Amanda Ruepprich

    I’m sad they changed travel form when your a Druid it used to be a cheetah type animal now it’s a moose type animal 😦

  12. TerminalCynicism

    On the note that WoW is declining because of age, I honestly disagree with that logic.

    EVE is over ten years old, and while it doesn’t even have a fraction of WoW’s subscriber number, its playerbase continues to grow year after year.

    I do think you brought light to some of the reasons, but I would argue that Blizzard is the sole reason why WoW continue to lose subscribers. It was a very different Blizzard that launched WoW in 2005 compared to the Blizzard running WoW today.

  13. dine asqeri

    @rlwctle yeah yeah we all know that! BTW! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted >> bit.ly/1aX45tl?=ofcyk

  14. andres rocha wilches

    @rlwctle yeah yeah we all know that! BTW! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted >> bit.ly/1aX45tl?=ofcyk

  15. Charlie Park

    @rlwctle yeah yeah we all know that! BTW! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted >> bit.ly/1aX45tl?=ofcyk

  16. PeteTemplar101

    I like MoP. It goes back to the Warcraft roots of Alliance vs Horde. And I know how passionate you Hordies get but I don’t care, they have always been the more aggressive and mistrustful faction (Orcs, Goblins and of course the Forsaken). So it’s nice to have an expansion that lets the Alliance rage war with its traditional enemy whilst allowing the more likeable Horde races (Tauren, Trolls, Blood Elves and any Orc not under Garrosh) deal with it internally

  17. ScamBreakersDotCom

    I hate how their support is dwindling. My personal ideals are that if people can start the game as “experts”, they’ll be likely to stick (which is why I’ve been recommending this manual to all my friends. It’s on our ScamBreakers review site), since they won’t worry so much about fucking up and losing all their shit.

  18. puttie30

    I don’t mind the panda thing, but it’s just that it doesn’t have the classic WoW feeling that came with BC and wotlk… It’s more in an Eastern theme while I prefer a more medieval styled theme. 🙂

  19. MegaPhazor

    Of course it will always be the most played MMORPG of all time. But, what we’re saying, is that, the game was at its peak back in 2008-2009. The years where TBC and Wotlk were both active. Blizzard has lost many subscribers since then. You’re probably enjoying the game right now because you are able to get geared in 496 in less than a day and beat every single nostalgic raids. Which makes me sad. The game is too mainstream, it will die eventually.

  20. Renegade0P

    As WoW community enters civil war, I can’t help but think. Wasn’t this the point of MoP? To quote Abraham Lincoln, “A house divided cannot stand”. Should we really have I deal with jerks that hate the game for some unknown reasons or people who say its going to be f2p? Haven’t you already started to break the foundation of one of the greatest communities of all time? If you don’t like the game, don’t watch videos and complain about it. And instead of saying how bad MoP is, why don’t you leave?

  21. sachin barekar

    @wqtfhox yeah you go that right btw! check this game is really damn addictive: bit.ly/15rBjPv?=yrlng

  22. CLEARLYME117

    Pandaria has been one of the most fun expansions out there i loved every bit of it and continue to be excited for more content, blizzard outdid themselves with this expansion.

  23. NitewyndRain

    Pandaria definitely has been the weakest of the expansions, that’s for sure. Still more players than any other MMO on the market, but it’s likely we’ll see more of a decline until it goes F2P. Which seems to be the plan what with all this new stuff being datamined.

  24. Jan Red

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  25. Hristian Kutev

    The game is getting harder and harder with even more spells and things to do at all. WOW TBC and WOW CLASSIC are easier and good for playing but they can not be endless. I may will start playing CATA soon but now my favourite version is BC.

  26. scorpionz7175

    Pandaria destroyed the game , and you already know the reasons.They also lost 2,1 milion subscribers since pandaria and the number is still going down.


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