Let’s Play – World Of Warcraft Ep2

The Panda Posse returns and rolls out!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 thoughts on “Let’s Play – World Of Warcraft Ep2

  1. WTFGameplays

    Blizzard should allow rooster teeth wargame arenas so they can 3v3 arena at the end of each letsplay with the team captains of jack and geoff

  2. VitalStryke

    With RAF/exp boosts (theres a 300% exp boost potion), full set of heirlooms, you can get from 1 – 60 in ~20 hours, then 60 – 85 in another 10. The record for 85-90 was an hour, using 300% exp potion, rested exp, Dark Spear Battle standard, and a group of level 90s killing masses of mobs the leveler pulled.

  3. Clarence Bachar

    Since Jack is an MLG Pro at this, I want a Behind The Scenes, of him teaching Gavin Key Bindings and Macros 😀

  4. Tirza Ulloa

    No it wouldnt be a good adaptation, because World of Warcraft has such a long history, there are so many stories to tell that someone who watches this movie will probably get mad that the movie wasnt about their favorite story.

  5. James Burlingame

    William banks nerds don’t fucking play wow SOME geeks do I used to play it and I’m neither so fuck you

  6. James Bullock

    Omg I’m so watching this movie I love world of Warcraft and I’m a girl gamer using my dads YouTube account cause I’m only nine XD

  7. heviarey

    Please not a WoW movie… Why not a Warcraft movie centering on a canon charachter like Ilidan? or maybe Maiev?

  8. Sadie Baker

    IT WILL ONLY BE AMAZING IF; you desperate the game into different films! There are so many stories and parts to the game! One of my favourite trilogies being; War of the Ancients, that alone could be a possible 3 movie trilogy?

  9. Stamen Georgiev

    WoW has a great potential for a movie. It has a long and very interesting story. This movie will be watched by most of the players and probably attract more players to the game.

  10. Dartania Begoth

    I should edit: Its way more than that. I wouldnt describe it like that. It cheapens the feel of the game.

  11. MsSeras123

    it can be really good or horrible. as long as they do it right their should be no problem. i am excited for it and i will be until i see it for my self. i will not judge it by its cover.

  12. elliot stanley

    fuck yeah. there are so many story possibilities, for example 20 years into the future with Garrosh no longer Warchief and Thrall back in his rightful place maybe the twilight crusade rise further in their hunt 4 domain and use the powers of the former Deathwing and Thunder king to raise the lich king back from the dead and use Northrend as their power-base. As i said there are so many story possibilities but this one is one of my favorites that i just made up.

  13. Alexander Wolf

    Hmm… If it is goign to center itself around Arthas, I have some serious doubts about the movie then, seeing as how We already know what happens to him. So unless they’re going to just retell the same story( hopefully accurately), I hope it ends up being more of a prequel to what all we know from WC3’s telling of Arthas.

  14. Balder Odinson

    What do you think The Exodar is? It’s the ship the Draenei used to flee The Outlands. They’re originally from Nagrand.

  15. butt head

    Did you not see the pat ‘The list goes on…’? Incase you didn’t know what he means by that, he means there are more he did not mention. Which pretty much means he doesn’t need someone finishing a sentence that is already finished 🙂

  16. butt head

    Usually games made into movies don’t have the story to be good in theaters, but Warcraft does, and I heard it would be about Arthas, so it will be without a doubt good if not great.

  17. Joshua Kallenberger

    There is a great story in Warcraft, but I have serious concerns about a possible live action movie. A staple for a long time of Blizzard games is the cinematic cut-a-ways, which are almost always visually incredible. And looked forward to almost as much as the games in which it’s in. The first Warcraft movie should be in CGI.

  18. Nathan Morris

    also blood elves, night elves, tuaren, gnomes, dwarves, goblins, pandaren, trolls, undead and humans


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