Let’s Play – World Of Warcraft

Honestly… we never thought we’d play it either.

This is the official cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft’s fourth expansion set, Mists of Pandaria, originally debuted at gamescom 2012 on August 16 in C…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


48 thoughts on “Let’s Play – World Of Warcraft

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  3. JuanFApolinar

    no, you have to pay a monthly fee to play it. but i think its free until you hit lvl 20, im not sure

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  5. Scryzor

    Why the fuck do people think if they watch a video with 1 million + views about something, then they think the best idea is to post a comment about disliking the subject, How the fuck can that work can someone please enlighten me?

  6. PaintItBlack263

    I may have acne, but I have a girlfriend of two years, and only weigh 120 lbs. I may be nerdy but i’m damn proud of it. I also realize this it just a troll and i’m wasting my time.

  7. Christian Paymar

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  8. jamessnk1

    Personally, I’ve never played it, but one of the hottest girls in my school plays this game. So I feel like your logic might be a bit flawed. Just maybe.

  9. Illdian Stormrage

    I’m 13 years old, and I’m probably a casual WoW player. I play WoW 30 mins- 1 hour a day, and I have a girlfriend… I’m not a WoW nerd but I like to play it a little bit, as well as CoD, so stfu.


    @xloivls for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there BTW! this game is tight been playing all day: bit.ly/15dq2Vk?=ujfsb

  11. DrDemonHarlequin

    No. Pandaren came first. They date back to Warcraft III back in around 2003 or so. Kung Fu Panda didn’t come out until 2008.

  12. saea s fasfa

    Can’t wait for the next cinematic that’ll be awesome because you can see how much they improve in making the cinematics each time! XD

  13. Sawan Grozuul

    He really needs to get a life. Or stop playing WoW. At least Pandarens were trying to spread peace. But peace will always need balance with chaos.

  14. Mathew Pimental

    Just watched the behind the scenes making of this cinematic. So much went into this, and it pays off. What an incredible team of people.

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  16. doomsayers123

    UMAD BRO? i speak the truth go look it up they expected a few thousands period they have won years ago.

  17. doomsayers123

    Your a fucking moron blizzard has won there goal was a few hundred players they have millions THEY WON!

  18. doomsayers123

    hes right they never wanted millions there goal was atleast hundred thousands so blizzard has won that goal.they wanted more players then everquest they have won dude.and wow ain’t dying until they have less players then sonys everquest mmos.

  19. Brandon Lopez

    Btw for all the people that said OMG Furries are going to take over wow Well i would like to point out that worgen and tauren both are like furries so Little late on the whole furry thing guys…………………………… think just think before u say next time guys


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