Mega Bloks World of Warcraft — Episode 3: Barrens Chase

Colton and his comrades arrive at Ashenvale, with hopes to enlist the assistance of Ironoak and the Night Elves against the impending Horde threat. Their mee…

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 thoughts on “Mega Bloks World of Warcraft — Episode 3: Barrens Chase

  1. tom smith

    so good!
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  2. Stroivan

    Will be there more epic sets like the froze throne or sha of anger? For example Illidan and the black temple, Yogg Saron, shadowfang keep, Nefarian or Zul’jin (he is my favourite)…

  3. David Parkes

    Wha– This is something completely different. It’s neither Lore orientated OR any good at all. And there’s no Horde favoritism on the forums. And if that’s what you find then I suppose there’s alot more people who support the horde.

  4. James Case

    hey mega due u ever think WoW mega bloks well get popeler like halo and stuff and i have sagstoin maby u could make a battle ground and make illedin thanks mega for your time and i realy hope u can get back with me on this thank u!!

  5. MygoodGovernor

    Cry a river, what you don’t like it? and yet you tell us that we should put up with it on the WoW Fourms. Bite us.

  6. Luc1dimpact

    Well, then you are going to be very happy if the real WoW movie is getting in production and will be launched, cause the whole story revolves around alliance characters.

    Simplistic comments of people,..

  7. Kruger Snaider

    I have never played this game…but with this I think I will check into it and see if its something that? I would like…I know lots of people love it….thanks for posting!!!


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