Minutes in Gaming: World of Warcraft Over Time

A retrospective look at how World of Warcraft has changed. For better or worse. You are welcome to discuss, share your thoughts, agreements, disagreements, a…


25 thoughts on “Minutes in Gaming: World of Warcraft Over Time

  1. Penny Black

    Someone send this to Blizz because this guy should be their CEO. WoW has gotten insanely boring for all the reasons mentioned here. I would go back to playing vanilla in a second I miss it so much.


    Greatest video i ever watched in my live about world of warcraft u are telling the truth and adding exactly epic the epic worlds (more menus instead of gameplay) and i woned my self why the blizzard dont hire developers like you…………… i wish blizzard will watch your video friend and hope you will make more videos like this in the future telling people the truth. sorry about my english

  3. Morgi647897

    The LFG would be okay if the bonus would not be exclusive. We all know days and nights when we were bored and no one was online. And right then i loved the LFG. And some of the new features arent THAT bad, but yeah, sadly it feels like WOW has lost a lot of its soul……at least for me.
    PS: Yeah its still better then all the other MMO´s like LOTRO or GW 2 or Runes of Magic but that doesnt take much.

  4. diamond miners

    I love the flying mounts UGH. I know its silly but I wish I could fly, I love plane rides its the filling of being on top of the world!

  5. TheMufferinoify

    i totally agree with you man? i love the game but i just feel blizzard just doesnt give a fuck anymore

  6. omgnumbersandletters

    Personally I love LFG as an addition. It’s true you get a lot of assholes but honestly that happened just as often when you went looking for someone in vanilla. This way everyone is thrown together and you meet four new people in every dungeon. I see it as a slice of WoW life and a way to meet other players.

  7. calvin2005can

    I do hate the fact that they removed the hole chose the hard mode thing but it kind of unlocks more content, just a little bit though. Like when you finish 10 man reg then go into 10 man heroic then 25 reg and 25 heroic it kind of keeps you going further. Hey its just my opinion


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