Sodapoppin banned from World of Warcraft on live stream. . . again

got suspended from wow due to some nonsense the people who stole my account were involved in while they were logged on. made sure to win the 1v2 despite the …

Hey folks, here’s Level 45 of my Let’s Play of World of Warcraft (WoW)! Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave a comment below if you liked or disliked it wit…


47 thoughts on “Sodapoppin banned from World of Warcraft on live stream. . . again

  1. TeeTwazle

    If you reading this comment you will die within five years. To undo this curse copy this comment on five videos good luck. Sorry cant risk it

  2. VikingReviews47

    Nigga, did you just say what DiamondTear82 was trying to say, but smarter? I like this lill nigga Ben Youssef.

  3. Markowich

    Wait a second…
    That’s what got banned….
    It all makes sense now!!! :O

  4. tom smith

    so good!
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    Extra 20% gold in first trade from Live chat, Instant delivery. rr
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  5. Josip Peremin

    a suspension is a nice way to say you got baned,same as their fire employies,we are sorry to inform you bla bla we dont need your service anymore bla bla in other words fuck off you useless piece of shit

  6. IDontWantToEnter MyFullName

    Great vid swifty on how to get banned hopefully i can get as fat as hotted and lose my pinky to be the best player in the universe

  7. oxy gryfindor

    @mycggrw yeah you go that right BTW! if your bored check this good time waster! –>

  8. Angelo Chiappe

    Nilesy bring back this series i loved it D: it was the series that made me discover your channel in the first place


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