That’s the World of Warcraft That I Used To Play! (feat. Oxhorn)

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36 thoughts on “That’s the World of Warcraft That I Used To Play! (feat. Oxhorn)

  1. ZeldawarmineDBZ14

    the next expansion isnt supposed to be a giant let down like MoP were supposed to be going back to BC like things and also we could go to the other side of azeroth or something idk thats just what i’ve heard but its supposed to be good…

  2. X. Reityd

    im pretty sure u dont play anymore, since LFR is a joke and guilds r still important as fuck, u wont be nothing and wont enjoy the game if u r not with ur guild, even PvP is literally not enjoyable without guild ..

  3. glockenspeal

    With LFD and LFR they effectively make guilds redundant, the only reason to be in a guild now is for some 3% exp boost and useless buffs, guilds used to be a large group of players who would go and do dungeons and raids together, you were all friends and enjoyed each others company. It never took hours to group it good about 10 mins because you’re guild would set a specific time to begin the raid and all 40 people plus the 3 who said they would go if there was a guy missing would be there.

  4. TehKazlehoff

    And yet you are talking about reverting to one of those bad sides…. it taking hours to form a group for things.

    LFD/LFR don’t need to be removed, they need Accountability for player action.

  5. TehKazlehoff

    Dammit Ian, there’s nothing wrong with the pandas. yeah, bit cutesy, but there is a lore reference to them (other than the WC3 Easter egg)

  6. Firepants20

    There’s a legendary quest that hints at the return of the burning legion and the end of the Horde and Alliance war.

  7. ImgoingtoWC

    Lore is the least of WoW’s problems. What really sucks is the community and how everything is designed so it’d be easy to play without friends. First step to fix this would be to delete cross realm LFG/LFR.

  8. Felix Pinty

    I agree with most you said, but in my opinion the story is great and dynamic, we are about to do a revolution (for the horde ofc). And the other rich part of the lore, if there are not use yet might be because wow is going to have at least 3 more expansion witch I am sure there will be Sargeras and his burning legion (may be Outlands will be back again :D?).

  9. Hannirc

    They follow lore according to the order of the books and the game warcraft itself. If they went a different direction without pandaren’s then a bunch of lore fan boys will be pissed. Trust me, you’d be suprised at the amount of lore mongers. But i agree partially. We should not be fighting the sha. Pandaren’s have basically sided with the horde or alliance, but the only reason it makes sense now, is for the final confrontation with sargeras.

  10. FluggermanGaming

    Look, all I’m saying is that there are better options for lore than some dead old god’s curse over an island filled with pandas.

  11. NesteaMage

    yes to my eternal shame i noticed two days too late. It was edited but for some reason was not in the final cut

  12. fragusman

    shout the fuck up? tell your mom to shout the fuck up cause shes so loud when i fuck the shit out of her loose pussy


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