“Why did Cataclysm fail?” (A World of Warcraft discussion)

Why Cataclysm failed/ruined WoW. Hint: it never did. DD discusses one of the biggest expansion launches ever. 1-60 leveling content revamp. Flying in Azeroth…
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24 thoughts on ““Why did Cataclysm fail?” (A World of Warcraft discussion)

  1. Chris Burton

    Cataclysm was the first time I actually quit wow for real. Then i quit another 3-4 times aftwards! And now I’m waiting for the launch of the new expac from blizzblozz :<

  2. Chris Burton

    Deathwing actually was in the lore from the beginning really, he’s done many… many bad things to azeroth, and also some good things… but he has been a large villain in the game since the beginning so he was ready to get his anus molested.

  3. poe2299

    It’s not bad. It just feels a bit generic. The raids are every bit as decent as they always were. 5 mans are a little on the pain in the ass side, but questlines are a bit more fun than cata.

  4. Shane Walton

    I don’t think it failed because I pretty much stopped when firelands came out. Also I’ve been on the fence about getting MOP since it came out. Should I get it? Ty

  5. Budder Boy

    I have nothing to say on the subject, as i have starter edition lmao. But i will say one thing. The IDEA of cataclysm is awesome and badass, but from what i have heard they seriously need to make the raids and pvp stuff alot harder. And i agree.

  6. Jexrood3000

    Yeah they need to make it harder honestly get rid of them retarded noobs and replace them with people who will actually take time to understand the damn game can’t stand it when you get some noob like the other day some ass wipe was tanking in pvp gear couldn’t hold agro in fact didn’t even know what agro was so he was instantly gone so in my opinion get rid of noobs

  7. garmath

    the only real fun i had was in vashj’ir to me it was the only zone that had a story i gave a damn about. i have the same problem with pandaria. even though pandaria is pretty good i cannot get into to it because i don’t give two shits about pandas. when i first heard about mop i was excited i thought it was going to be the south seas expasnsion then i realized oh pandas…….

  8. Dchealz

    I tried 2 become a PvE and PvPer during firelands and just hated the griding i did get to do some of the bosses in FL and it was fun but on my shammy who was under geared and this was during DS so there was better gear anyway.

  9. Dchealz

    in pvp went to the LFR and basicly didnt do sht including me i was a healer and i tried my best but all i wanted was that sword and a trinket so i could be more efficient in pvp. Which to me was good but also dumb because now i needed to PvE to get a COMPLETE Gear set basicly because having all Cata gear wasnt good u had 2 have either a heroic/RF trinket/sword to get into 10v10 Ranked Bgs which made no sence, all in all the expansion was great, but firelands had WAY TO MANY Dalies .

  10. Dchealz

    I like Cata ALOT honestly it was a good expansion i stayed form the launch till zul aman revamp then came back like at the end of that. I mostly pvped and the pvp content was really good and i did like it alot, but in raiding terms i didnt kinda find it weird tht me as a player who ad full cata gear or wat ever it was called at the time, could join raids with all pvp gear and get some look. also i didnt like how they made the sword from deathwing OP for both Pvp and PvE. so alot of ppl with in..

  11. Ali Alsuwaidi

    Make it harder, please! I can’t find a fucking guild so that I can raid with, and I’m then forced to do LFR and you know the rest..

  12. MrMyers758

    And it is for that reason I left, because hardcore wow players (for the most part) have no love for casual players, and care more about stats and loot than the fun of the fight (i.e. exactly what your parody of a casual gamer is).

  13. MrMyers758

    In my experience being casual is the total opposite of your parody. I didn’t give a shit about loot, I just wanted to fun of the fight. It was hardcore asshole Wow players who didn’t let me have those group experiences because I didn’t have the right chest-plate on. Well done.

  14. TheHardcoreDoor

    I don’t know about Garrosh being alien like Deathwing. A lot of people seem like they are going to enjoy killing him when they can. Garrosh commited some pretty heinous acts, such as killing Cairne and corrupting Gorehowl, a very powerful symbol of the Horde’s past.

  15. arka roy

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  16. Spinexus

    what blizz needs to do in my opinion: get rid of all easy baby suff like LFR and only get Gear from Raiding! then people are forced to go raid with blue gear and learn their class instead of AFK LFR Loot!!!
    Nowadays u cant even raid the “old content” like Mogu without a GS of at least 390… and the gear u need to kill all bosses easy is 370 if u half brain afk! Just because its so fucking easy to get Gear without even Raiding!

  17. Spinexus

    jea and that what holds people in that game, at least in my opinion!
    if a raid is difficult and u manage to kill just one boss u feel so much better then rushing the hole thing in 2-3 weeks!

  18. OrniasDMF

    Why did Deathwing want to destroy the world? Because he was insane and a puppet of the old gods. Ask them why they want to destroy the world and you will have your answer.

  19. Ted Beharry

    being in complete fail heroic groups at the start of the expansion really did ruin the expansion a bit, i think the difficulty was interesting by making the game challenging but the fact that there were so many noobs runnin dungeons was nerve wrecking


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