Why I Play World of Warcraft by Cartoonz

Why do you play World of Warcraft? Leave a comment! Subscribe by clicking this link!: –//—.youtube—/subscription_center?add_user=hogmanlolz Thank yo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 thoughts on “Why I Play World of Warcraft by Cartoonz

  1. bakaguga

    hi man i like yours videos:))

    can u maby make video how to play vs BM hunter
    i realy get crazy whit them

  2. omegarev

    planning on starting playing world of Warcraft but you don’t want to pay 15 dollars or more per month. then look no further for you can play it TOTALLY FREE YES FREE!! all you have to do is go to susawow.yolasite.com and register your account then press on downloads and follow the instructions. once you are all set log in game and enjoy playing world of Warcraft with no lags and no bugs! they have all quests working so come and join us today! 😀

  3. SuperMaxxxey

    @pgvgtjy yeah i agree def a top 10 also! man if your bored check this good time waster! => bit.ly/13hlV3N?=jytcy

  4. TRanCOraVE

    I was a huge annoying football/ video game kid. I was always outside playing football with my friends until someone invited me to play video games. That was when I dropped the ball and grabbed a control to their new xbox or ps2. My big brother started playing WoW and I got hooked on it instantly. I created a character on his profile and started playing it whenever he wasn’t home. I sucked at it horribly so he took the account and I made my own with the help of my dads credit card..*evil chuckle*

  5. gavinthedark100

    the way I got into wow was back when diablo2 came out and I was dominating it and my dads friend said to me hey have you heard of a game called world of warcraft and this is back when bc was almost to a ending point and I said no so he came me a demo card and I started playing it when I came home and it was just wow it was on a whole different level then diablo2 was and since then I have been hook on wow my first character was a hunter but then I tried a mage and it change me

  6. TheJuxtaposedKing

    haha i know exactly what you are saying, when i learned the word “immolate” i put it in an essay in fifth grade and my teacher circled it and put “NICE WORD!” in red ink, i did the same when i learned conflagration too 😛 see the trend? I played a lock

  7. BlurberrySpecial

    @ohurxsm true that dude ALSO! if your bored check this good time waster! => bit.ly/12Y0kgM?=obbui

  8. ddogg815

    I like how you criticize him for his spelling, yet you spell “please” as “plz” Don’t be so fucking lazy then go and criticize others cunt.

  9. Nos Mura

    Lol everyone starts out as a noob….and learn skills and burst stuff as you lvl…but now people lvl to fast..and suck…even more

  10. PS3Core

    15$ a month is overpriced? i don’t understand why people do not like to support a game they love playing. which im assuming you do.


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