World of Warcraft Addiction Documentary – In Real Life by Anthony Rosner

Like many gamers, Anthony Rosner became addicted to World of Warcraft, to the point where it affected his personal life outside the game. But with a strength…

Join your friendly neighborhood mage, Tarcanus Frostbourne, as he ventures out into the vast universe of role playing in World of Warcraft! In this video, we…


36 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Addiction Documentary – In Real Life by Anthony Rosner

  1. TheYuri1212

    Is this a real story ? :O
    Wow !
    Shows how cruel women are, never fall in love with one.
    Women are the killers of men.

  2. dodgyplonk

    I can’t believe he went all the way to Norway and that bitch fell in love with someone else. Friend zone lvl 9001.

  3. Lubomir Bozik

    Hey Anthony, thanks for making this video. It was worth spent time watching it and it will be again. The video itself is a very decent job done, do you study media? This have taken lots of hours to put together, but I do love the spirit of it, you put yourself in it, making it special, recommendation to everybody else, watch it.

  4. h00ck1e

    Listen people, World of Warcraft is not a bad thing…Its actually a really fun game where you can connect and play with friends and overcome one of the most interesting challenges video games can offer,I myself have been playing WoW for over 6years and i have tons of friends im going to the gym every 2nd day, ive even had girlfriends, This video shows 1 out off 500 people that play wow and get that much addictive so dont be scared to try its not that bad you just need to manage your time-Hyziks

  5. yankeesrtheb

    It’s all about time management. I work, go to the gym, college, and I play wow and have a plenty of friends and I had a girlfriend till I kicked her to curve cuz she was a lying bitch. But all in all it’s time management I notice people who usually play wow addictively are normally trying to overcompensate for something else such as looks, had a bad break up and want to hide away from the world but its just about balance:

  6. LibraDom cet

    he will be back again ! lmfao . all these memories …. 😛 he dont need to stop . just control himself

  7. IncubusTheVicarious

    If you are weak enough to control yourself , WoW won’t be your first uncontrolled addiction anyways…


    Dude this movie was really touching! its not easy to quit the game… i cant stop play it even if i want to…

  9. Стоян Кротнев

    Eventually I went trough an severe major depression for almost an 8 months.. I have stopped completely. Doing nothing. Standing still. Waiting. Wasting my time. It is during this processes that I found more about myself, what do I really value in people, and my place in this society.

    The funny thing is, that even after so many time has passed. I still miss my friend. A friend. That I never really had all along.

    I think, it is kinda funny. How a video game can create such a big drama.

  10. Стоян Кротнев

    I had a friend, very big friend. Important. This person was like a family member to me. We were very close, and an amazing team. Until one day, this friend of mine, got re-introduced to this game, again. I won’t share much of an detail. But this person, eventually got so addicted to the video game, that forgot about me all along. And eventually kicked me out of his world.

  11. basic101101

    I laughed pretty hard when the part about the tiger came up then I tabbed into wow and was sitting on my tiger like ummmm…….LOL

  12. Tarcanus Frostbourne

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy that the role play community is coming out in force on YouTube!

  13. The Best Family On Youtube

    Thank you so Much But My Account Didn’t Get Payed for Yet I Taking A break From the Game Right Now.

  14. The Best Family On Youtube

    Is Your Guild Just For Mages? If Not My I Join I Am A Lvl 26 (For Now) Blood Elf Paladin

    (Female In Game And Real Life) I Want To Know If I Could Join Your Guild. Please Reply!


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