World Of Warcraft: All Intros Cinematics In One (HD)

A mix Of all Wow’s Cinematics Hope U Enjoy It…


25 thoughts on “World Of Warcraft: All Intros Cinematics In One (HD)

  1. jsumborg

    I watched this and i was like : oh boy! i gotta play this game again! 5 min after logging on the game: man… im bored… i’ll play something else

  2. Fabian Hall

    Could be a high level Panda, I once got killed by tiny level 70 turtles at NR when I had a level 40 Tauren Paladin loaded with gear, but it still got owned by level 70 turtles, not even the big ones, small ones owned me

  3. Fabian Hall

    WOTLK is the best expansion, closely followed by TBC. Catacalysm is all right and I definitely like the fact that you can fly all throughout Azeroth and allthough MOP has Pandas, the raids are actually quite fun.

  4. DoctorxDeathDefying

    i hate world of warcraft now, but dammit! these are the best graphics and cinematics ive ever seen!!

  5. HeAd HunTTErR

    Old days … Wrath Of The Lich King … was … the best expansion … no flying in azeroth … good PvP sistem … Now we have pokemon battles in MoP

  6. Jack Daley

    It pains me that Cataclysm and Mists had so much potential, but unfortunately fell flat on their face. Damn it Blizzard the next expansion needs to be so much better or I fear for the continuation of your masterpiece.

  7. Narpocalypse

    I miss it for the nostalgia aspect and the “I have no idea what I’m doing” feeling. I do not, however miss the gameplay or the old graphical style.


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