World of Warcraft Daily – 22/07/2013 WoW Movie Teaser Trailer at SDCC, Blue Tweets

Welcome back to WoW Daily! A teaser for the WoW movie was shown yesterday at San Diego Comic Con. Its not online as of yet but reactions from people at the p…

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50 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Daily – 22/07/2013 WoW Movie Teaser Trailer at SDCC, Blue Tweets

  1. kodi773

    Yeah I definitely see where you’re coming from on this one I’m just not getting my hopes up because it would be quite expensive and time consuming to do a two part movie haha XD

  2. kodi773

    Yeah sooooon! Just gonna have to wait it out, but I’m willing to wait considering I haven’t seen a good movie based off a video game in a long time 😀

  3. Richard Davnall

    The movie I want to see would be Brann Bronzebeard – Prisons of the Old Gods. Something properly Lovecraftian…

  4. Phoenixfire767

    I see the movie playing it out from main plots bookwise
    (movie 1 or 1-3, warcraft 1-3 for each great war. next movie set up of vanilla holds, ending with raggy, varian comes back, yaddayadda yadda. Next BC storyline, ending of kealthas, illidan, and ending with sunwell. next WOTLK, skip to trial of the crusader then icecrown. Cata, skipping to deathwing’s end, more political movie in cata for showing of horde’s decay. Pandarian movie showing most lore events of horde and alliance interactions.

  5. irgyn

    if i may give some constructive criticism, i do love that you do the annotations to your different topics, but it would really help if you had some kind of transition between them, pause for a few seconds, don’t just jump from one topic to another within a blink of an eye. i kinda missed that skip and was a little confused what the heck you were talking about.^^ but other than that, you are pretty awesome, and on the right track, so you just won yourself a subscriber 🙂 thanks for your efforts!

  6. Mason Bys

    What I think would be cool is that they use the movie as a lead into a World of Warcraft 2. The game needs an overhaul.

  7. Mulle Manden

    would be nice if they made the movie about arthas just my opinion but i am still very excited about this

  8. poe2299

    come on, what better trailer for a warcraft movie than a poster saying “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED to see this movie”

  9. poe2299

    healer mechanics. always wished they’d throw in more spells for healers such as “causes target of target to cause less damage” or “causes target of target to harm friendly npc’s next to them”. Basically doing healing in different ways.

  10. poe2299

    I’ve been advocating for the dual movie idea for a long time now. For those into the game, they’d go see their faction, then probably the other faction. For those not into the game that happen to see it, they might just get so interested they start to play. I think they will be releasing the movie shortly before they go free2play (what better way to grow a customer base than release a major movie, and making it free).

  11. BellularGaming

    Yeah. This guy can pull it off. Im pretty excited! 😀 If only the teaser was released to the public. On twitter Duncan Jones said he would try but its the suits who call the shots on PR shit like that.

  12. kodi773

    I think they may base the story line on some of the warcraft RTS stories (Like warcraft I – III). Either that or they could do a duo perspective movie, like a story form the side of the horde and a story from the alliance then have them combine in the end. I’m not sure, but I’m excited either way!

  13. BellularGaming

    They did say about the Humans and Orcs thing a while back. If it were warcraft orcs outland style then they could pull it off. I trust the director not to make them grunts like in LoTR. (not harm to LoTR, love those movies to death).

  14. QuintemTA

    Right, it could be down the line if this one is successful.

    When Blizzard were first talking about it they wanted it to go back to the basics about Humans vs Orcs. You said it would be to Lord of the Rings. I’m not so sure, the Orcs are want got me into Warcraft in the first place, smart, honourable, ready to put their lives on the line to protect their identity, their culture.

    Who knows this trailer could be nothing more than a bait and switch.

  15. BellularGaming

    Yeah definatly could be – people seem to like corruption and Jones could bring that to life in a very human way (watch Moon, you will see what I mean).

  16. Stanton Troupe

    The Litch King story because of the “drama” between Arthas and Jana hopefully it’s a bad ass movie

  17. Jasper Dong

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  18. Yorick Pentory

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  19. sniperman129

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  20. Peti Dobronay

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