World of Warcraft Gamers United charity tournament | Grand finals

–//youtube—/polaris –//razerzone— this is cdew/yipz/khryl vs novoz/thugonomics/dannycarey, the grand finals match of the gamers united tourname…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


24 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Gamers United charity tournament | Grand finals

  1. MedasaTV

    that was sodah not sodapoppin both different people, sodah plays disc/resto and sodapoppin plays feral.

  2. Fred Harvey

    No they don’t.. Mangle is a lazy cop-out…. A feral druid spamming mangle much less using treants over incarnation does laughable damage.. Clearly you haven’t seen good Feral druids.. You can ask any 2k+ Feral druid that using shred is a must since the damage when you have full bleeds up is night and day in comparison to mangle spamming like a scrub. I’d like your “proof” that all feral druids mangle by default because being a 2.2k+ feral druid, I can tell you that I don’t…

  3. Mikkel Kampmann

    love it when the cast commentator is tunnelvisioning lolol (he only looked at yipz for a while and khryl almost died whitout him noticing

  4. Zac Hawkins

    You realize people literally got one shot in vanilla right? Priests got mortal strike crit for their entire health bar almost frequently and vanilla was considered “the best wow ever”

  5. xxMyNaMeIsBeAsTxx

    Have you ever seen good ferals? They all use mangle. I do agree that shred is easier to get off against casters, but if you watch the games closely you will se that yipz cant just sit behind the target and spam shred. He is constantly shifting from offensive to defensive play because he is communicating with his healer. He played the matches well in my opinion, but fps is kind of easy mode since they have 1 million defensive cd’s.

  6. Fred Harvey

    Mangle is not the number one combo point builder “mate”.. I don’t know what you’re smoking.. Being able to Shred effectively in PVP is an innate ability that even the shittiest of Feral Druids know how to do while being able to perform everything else. It’s the Druid’s equivalent to backstab. The only time it’s hard to get Shred off is when you’re dancing with another Melee. Shred does so much more damage than the fodder, Mangle. And yes, Cdews did carry that scrub.


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