World of Warcraft – Going Free to Play F2P?!? – Official Response SDCC Comic Con 2013

DrakePrism goes to Comic Con in San Diego! Drakeprism asks if World of Warcraft is going free to play! Comic Con Comic-Con Comic-Con International Comic-Con …
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WOW F2P ?!?! World of Warcraft going Free to Play!?! Comic Con Blizzard Panel DrakePrism goes to Comic Con in San Diego! Drakeprism asks if World of Warcraft…


50 thoughts on “World of Warcraft – Going Free to Play F2P?!? – Official Response SDCC Comic Con 2013

  1. jaskicd

    The main part where WoW is losing players is the game dificulity. Not pandas, not pay to play.. its just that there isnt no more hardcore.

  2. jonte boii

    w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / pages/Wow-F2p-Twinks/139272490­0940967
    Click that link and follow my FB page for a real (working) f2p realm, there is even a twink guild for OP BG mates. JOIN STORMSCALE EU NOW!

  3. Nat Pagle

    Funny story. I was in that hotel a few months ago, its the Marriott in San Diego [or the onne next to it (:  ] , btw did you here any fighter jets?

  4. TheMwshooter

    i meen we did pay Money for the game so why pay more ? i Think blizz only care about Money… =/ i love wow but i will love it more if i not need to pay every month

  5. SateHap

    Dont look at my icon i didnt came here to troll….It’s just WoW is fine as it is now, why make it Free To Play? Ofcourse more player’s would play it but some player’s wil expect things that almost every Free To Play has to offer.. And the reason why we pay is because of the expansion packs and the graphics and more. I dont see any reason why Free To Play would make WoW better. That is all.

  6. IshMeMakeshCookish

    Don’t really know about World of warcraft becoming F2P, Because they may not have the system requierements to keep all those servers that will be needed stocked.
    – Julian

  7. JadePyrus

    Np I like to comment its a fun hobby for me! 😀

    I understand the apprehension to the F2P model… It hasn’t always been done right and that tends to leave a sour taste in people’s mouths XD But as I find myself playing more and more F2P games over traditional Sub based games I find myself not noticing the difference anymore and flamers are everywhere so whatcha gonna do ;P

    I find Online games are more fun when I turn off public channels and play the game! 😀

  8. JadePyrus

    I play on Proudmoore and general chat is rancid with outrageous trolling 24/7 :/ I don’t notice a difference in the frequency of raging in F2P to Sub… But the garbage people spew does seem to be like white noise to me soooo ;P

    A Sub never seemed to stop a grown man from raging at his fellow man XD

  9. MUGENGaming

    Why would they do this? They’re making MILLIONS of dollars..going F2P would make them lose money. Well, i said i’d cancel my sub if this happened..looks like i’ll have to follow my promise

  10. JadePyrus

    I’m not opposed to the sub system because its easy to exploit if you are broke… I sub for a month or two burn content then quit and wait for a lot of major content to be added then return…

    But I prefer F2P games because I visit more often! The downside to F2P for me is they monetize the wrong things… Bag space and auction house slots should not be monetized :/

    How would WoW be worse if they went F2P? I’m always curious to hear others reasoning! 😀

  11. JadePyrus

    Gold farmers go where they can make profit… If there is demand for gold then it will be farmed and sold on the black market… WoW has always been a sub game and it has always been plagued with gold farmers :/

    Gold farming is just a part of MMOs I would prefer they allow everyone to sell gold on an open market and take a small fee off sales… Make gold farming less profitable and accessible to your average player! 😀

  12. xxxDaxosxxx

    Tell you somthing? I’m not rich and for most times I struggle to pay the subscription for WoW BUT every game that has gone free to play has slowly became just not playable… I hope WoW will never go F2P… I like blizzard customer service, store, patches and changes that are made to the game which F2P games have not. It’s just my opinion…

  13. ZunaZurugi

    yeah but i think its hard in wow… because every addon has his own theme and essence. I like the BC one and of course Wotlk because this was what i played at most time… and i love Snowy Themes ^^ but now i finaly can play Cata and i hyped it 2011 and it dont disappoint me so im happy with it ^^

    Cata has add many thinks that are perfect for my player style. Im not a big Raid or PvP Fan im doing it but not that much i like more to explore and search for secrets. Archaeology is perfect for it.

  14. DrakePrism

    I am not sure they listen to anyone! I think they listen to themselves and if a player happens to say the same thing or close to it doesn’t mean the players really contributed or that they listened. xD

  15. DrakePrism

    Yeah! A lot of people cannot justify paying when there are so many other games they do not have to play a monthly sub for. If it was F2P some would log in to simply hang out with their friends which is a good thing!

  16. DrakePrism

    It would be cool if a game could truly capture its essence and not have to make theme and flavor expansions. It would challenging for the developers.

  17. SoulGamesInc

    WoWs already beyond super-easy so making it Pay2Win would not have much of a negative effect on the game as getting items and generally getting ahead is already very, very easy to do.

    It would still be the same old story mind you. It may regain some old subs due to the “Free” tag but they would quickly recall why the left in the first place and leave again for good as nothing has changed.

  18. Rod Clark

    Every free to play I have ever played is a Pay to Win! If you think it isnt because of one game like SWTOR that has a F2P model, remember one thing, F2P have to pay for access to be able to equip the best armor in the game, second, you can still buy items from the cartel market with real money then sell them in the exchange for a ton of credits to purchase gear from the enxhange which completely destroys that game economy! Free to play is dumb because players should earn items, not fast track!

  19. jonte boii

    w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / pages/Wow-F2p-Twinks/139272490­0940967
    Click that link and follow my FB page for a real (working) f2p realm, there is even a twink guild for OP BG mates. JOIN STORMSCALE EU NOW!

  20. korg13

    WOW would be finished like City of Heroes/Villians if it went to free to play or choice of pay & free to play W/ no extras for free to play.

  21. SuperMinecraftAlien

    i think project titan is going to be a wow related game because wow has almost made it that u can be lvl 100

  22. Chraiden Synth

    @sgonged Then go play dota 2, it is also a exceedingly popular moba which in my opinion is alot better than LoL, as the heroes you get are all free from square one.

  23. Jeff Wilson

    imo sorry but your prediction of the future is obvious. Its like asking chris Metzen do you think you eventually die chris? Umm yes its quite obvious. WoW wont be free till play for at least 2 more years. And blizzard has already said that they are only planning a 2-3 more expansions. It wont go to F2P until after that point.

  24. JadePyrus

    I look forward to playing TESO when it hits the Open Beta phase! I hope it is the next generation of MMO! I just have my doubts… So many others have come and gone with the notion that they can finally beat Blizzard…

    The future of MMOs is bright but not yet realized to their full potential :/

  25. Sebthecrazy99

    Well i dont, everyone that got to play TESO at E3 and closed Beta or whatever has said its amazing. And Zenimax is doing an awesome job on it. But Project Titan will be out in what 2015-2016? TESO comes out in early 2014 soo. Yeah.

  26. JadePyrus

    I only hope he won’t be disappointed but I’ve been following MMOs long enough to know he likely will… Blizzard is a clever girl and they lead the industry like it or not XD

  27. JadePyrus

    WoW isn’t dead until it gets Richard Garriott’ed into shutting down the servers :/ And it matters very little because Blizzard is likely going to replace it with Project Titan anyway! ;P

    TESO ain’t out yet I can’t say if its good or not because there is nothing to play :/ But If SWTOR is any clue to what a solid RPG gaming company can do when they make an MMO I kinda have my doubts Bethesda can beat Blizzard :/

    Don’t get me wrong Bioware and Bethesda make amazing RPGs but not MMOs yet…

  28. Sebthecrazy99

    WOW is dead, capishe. It died after the many, many many many expansions i fact it died after Lich king like someone else also said. There are better MMOs and besides TESO will be 10x better than wow has ever been.

  29. JadePyrus

    Oh Guild Wars? I hit endgame and completely lost interest :/ Their easily capped endgame is well boring… Did they ever add a queue system for dungeons or are they still doing it Everquest style?


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