World of Warcraft: Intense duel vs. Windwalker Monk

typically these videos come with a bunch of duels edited way down, but this one was so closely contested and so back and forth that i didn’t feel that format…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Intense duel vs. Windwalker Monk

  1. Immeas ura

    Guys i’ve found an awesome 3.3.5 WOTLK server with alot of people on it aswell.
    You deffinately should come and play it’s so good to be back on one of the older expansions.
    The website is eternal-wow (.)dot com
    There’s usually atleast 3000 people online and shitload of world PVP and skilled arena matches.

  2. tom smith

    so good!
    super promotions= cheapest price+10%gold+VIP discount(8%).
    Extra 20% gold in first trade from Live chat, Instant delivery. oooo
    website: everyonegame*com

  3. bezeker12

    and don’t be such an ultra level faggot to the guy trying to spread his wow channel. sure yours is clearly better but let the dude start up and move out don’t shoot him down you started with 0 subs too bro

  4. bezeker12

    yeah but if he lost hes down 10k. so hes actually putting alot of weight on it

    if it was win he gets 3k loss he gives 3k then thats fine but for soda the odds are 3x higher. and playing against OP as all fuck monks is indeed hard. fact is many of us in soda’s possition would have just lost 10k

    and farming mobs or mining or however you make gold slowly isint exactly harder then beating a really good monk. so hes right to say it was a hard 3k to earn. you can just go buy gold anyway

  5. Morpheus Demo Lock

    Heey everyone, I’m on a mission to make Demonology Warlock more popular. Therefore I’m making Epic videos, Guides, and more! Please check out my latest pure epic video of Demonology PVP: /watch?v=hTIMguf9moY

  6. Pandaria785

    did you sign up for the Warcraft 4 beta test thats going on? only took me like 2 days to get in after I signed up.

    just click my name to goto my channel for the link and a cool vid of Warcraft 4, or copy and paste this youtube link:



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