World Of Warcraft Mega Bloks | Ashens

I apologise for the lack of a Leeroy Jenkins reference in this video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

10 Incredible Facts About World Of Warcraft From political smear campaigns to finding yourself a date, there’s more to WoW than Orcs and Elves. Find out more…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 thoughts on “World Of Warcraft Mega Bloks | Ashens

  1. eewweeppkk

    I wonder how many people recognized that stick at the end as the stirrer for the synth-skin terminator thingy.

  2. RiktheRed21

    As a WoW fanboy, I find the last minute of the video to be the most hilarious take on WoW I’ve ever seen.

  3. ogrejd

    Such a shame it wasn’t Lego. If it were, we could’ve reasonably expected stuff like Stormwind and Orgrimmar sets, even if it were just the front gates with a bridge & statues for Stormwind and an airship tower (maybe even an airship) for Orgrimmar.

  4. saeed khan

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  5. shadownerd450

    At least the people who invented the keyboard knew how to use proper grammar.You insult nerds because you are a gigantic dumbfuck who cannot do anything that will ever be classified as smart. Other than your knowledge about making drugs your are a retarded drop-out who will work at a McDonalds for the rest of your life. Honestly the only achievement in your life will be managing a fast-food store. Just kill yourself because you are the most retarded fuck to ever live.

  6. sai kumar

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  7. amomatza

    you go from a made a house to a design ? architects are nerds ? haha.what are you talking about ? do you know who invented the keyboard ? not a nerd

  8. DGxDiMeBaG

    Its called polls dumbass. Thats how we kno how many underage kids have sex and smoke weed,You take a poll LoL

  9. AboveEmAllProduction

    you must smell relly bad, and be relly fat and look relly ugly but come here for penis i can fuck it its ok

  10. AboveEmAllProduction

    this is lol thread not wow thread you poopbrain go put a turd in ur sister vagina plz kk thx bye

  11. Pavel

    75% wow players date someone who plays the game, WTF, theres no way anybody can know this, this is why i consider info like this bullshit

  12. shadownerd450

    Nerds did design your house. Have you ever heard of an architect? Doctors are nerds who went to college, Something you will never do because you are probably a drunk stoner with AIDS. I am sorry, Do you not know what AIDS is? It stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Guess what. Nerds are trying to cure it. Also guess what. You are using a machine developed by nerds.


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