World of Warcraft MoP Patch 5.2

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


24 thoughts on “World of Warcraft MoP Patch 5.2

  1. Lorraine Onorato

    Most popular guide in WoW and its AMAZING!! I have used this guide for a few months now and its MENTAL!! If you haven’t got this already its a must!
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  2. Millidiem MMO

    please keep making these they are way better than reading the patch notes and this looks so epic

  3. Gary Colince

    Awesome Game, i have a lot of leveling guides, but the only one that really helped me was this one here LINK: tinyurl(dot)com/ny65u8n . You will discover things like: “The Fastest Leveling Path Possible” , “Automatic Waypoint Navigation System” “In-Game Talent Tree Guides” and more ! Check it and Have Fun !

  4. NeonTree100

    Bro i want it all! lol great videos. Keep it up. PS don’t pick me i have mist of panda and some one else can have the signed one!

  5. tom smith

    so good!
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  6. Sonnyrazer

    gotta love Teagens work with the intros, and the fact that she is engaged to Kam uraki(creator of Chronicle of the annoying quest)

  7. ArmsPvPWarrior

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  8. TopLevelTeam

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  9. Fr0stBytes

    I love this patch, I love the art and the environment, I’m once again emerged in the World of Warcraft

  10. Vei Slabi

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