World Of Warcraft Ost (Full Album)

World of Warcraft Ost (Full Album) Tracks: 01 – 00:00 – Main Title: Legends of Azeroth 02 – 02:41 – Exclusive Track: The Shaping of the World 03 – 05:06 – Ex…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

–//—.youtube—/watch?v=MMLfrTiztzo Click here to watch Minecraft Quick Build Challenge: Marvel/DC! Minecraft Quick Build Challenge: World of Warcraft…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 thoughts on “World Of Warcraft Ost (Full Album)

  1. Strazman

    From the moment the title menu music started in 2004, I could feel I was in for something special. Then, after rolling a dwarf and entering Azeroth for the first time in the snowy landscape of Dun Morogh, I was frozen, transfixed, and in shear awe at the environment and music and ambience around me.

  2. Wellsbread

    I love this ost and also tbc and wolk ones but since then something changed and the music is lacking in newer expansions. Shame.

  3. Jack Nunnelee

    I also hate people who call mists of pandaria a childs game because of pandas. Chen Stormstout was one of the original wow characters with Vol’jin and Thrall

  4. Muqsit Alam

    bro in mop they added a lot of stuff like the class monk and panda then they added new patch where mages are oped and stuff they added new gear too lol


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