World Of WarCraft – TimeLine (2004 – 2012)

Timeline of recorded important events in the Warcraft universe compiled from official timelines and all sources published by Blizzard and lots of great machi…

Recently helped put on a tournament with Gamers United to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This is the third series of games from the f…


44 thoughts on “World Of WarCraft – TimeLine (2004 – 2012)

  1. DisturbedNorwegian

    No one cares about account numbers in a free to play game, nor the amount of “active” players. Runescape has like 1 billion accounts created or some shit, just because of it being free to play, and it’s the same with LoL. Also, most league players have multiple accounts they log in to regularly, if you only count one account per IP, it really wouldn’t have a lot. Also, WoW had 12 million people paying for the game monthly during it’s prime, making it a lot more successful than LoL ever will be.

  2. JeopardizeNL

    but league has over 20 active acc last time i saw people telling stuff like they’re some random smartass?

  3. Axlyss

    Wow as of right now has 8million active accounts it has the highest amount of players out of any mmo and its the most played pc game right now beating out asian loved dota 2 and league of legends, Your opinion is invalid. 3-4 million accounts “i think” lol the people who counted the accounts the wow “economist” only count one account an I.P address…. In a poll done by xfire less than 4% of the 1.2million who voted had more than one account which again makes your statement completely false.

  4. Jeffry Joly

    well they count current subscribers. If they make money, they count it. If you go on to a “medium” population server at night you will only encounter a handful of people.

  5. Bradley Epstein

    this game has like 1 million players guys dont kid urself just cuz blizz says they have that many players when they count inactive accounts

  6. Anubissab

    cause of one hero in wc3 ?) dont make my pants laugh . wc3 ends at frozen throne , so who shoul call who retarded ))

  7. ItsEarnest

    i played mop and i still think that the STORY of mop is crap (compared to the other expansions)

    the gameplay is pretty nice but
    2) i don’t really like to farm reputation that much^^

    but i like the petbattles (pokemon^^) and most of the other changes

    when you still think that the STORY is good (compared to the other expansions) pls tell me why you think so 😀

  8. ItsEarnest

    WoW is and will always be one of the most improtant and impressing video game of the 21 century.

    1. WoW was the first game which has such a big open world with PvP

    2. WoW still is the biggest game of the world –> 8 mil. Players (i know that lol has more !!accounts!! (12 mil) but: everyone has more than 2 acc –> so there are “only” 3-4 mil player i think^^

    3. The story is very good untill Wotlk (cata was not as good as the others but still good and mop is just crap (imo. sry^^))

  9. Stephen Braden

    Azael is easily the best Wow commentator right now. Dude just knows how this game is played from every perspective.

  10. 97sellen

    Are the guy commentating seeing the same screen as we do? If so, how the f**k can u see everything!?!?

  11. GWKasterr

    I made a Rogue/Warr arena video, and did some hardcore editing, you won’t belive what happened xD

  12. Saint Aza

    Yes it has lol, ferals have to CAST clones do you know how raped they are gonna get whilst casting? Interrupts, LoS, CC no more instant faceroll clones for you 😉 “treants are dog shit” meanwhile yipz just won this tournament using treant spec lol even Soda said he needs to re-spec treants because they are OP.. tell me when you are above 1750 kid.

  13. Saint Aza

    Heart of the wild is getting raped so are treants, without all that healing and instant CC ferals will be dogshit.. about time too.


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