World of Warcraft Gamers United charity tournament | Semifinals #2

–//youtube—/polaris –//razerzone— this is cdew/yipz/khryl vs jahmilli/chanimals/starship, the second semifinal match of the gamers united tourn…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hidden, secret, test, old and GM items in WoW. All started when I noticed that a lot of people and even GM dont know the truth about “Bengal Tiger”. So I dec…


45 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Gamers United charity tournament | Semifinals #2

  1. jump plx

    cdew is by far, far, the best healer i have ever seen play lol, sodah is good, but man, this guy is a god

  2. xxMyNaMeIsBeAsTxx

    You finally got of your drunk lazy ass and uploaded! Thanks and love you in the gayest way possible

  3. Jan Red

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  4. Haqyar Afghan

    @rygliib yeah yeah we all know that! also! man you would probably enjoy this online game –>

  5. Bloodwolf1995

    he equiped The Ashbringer, not The Corrupted Ashbringer.
    you can tell by the floating medallion

  6. Bloodwolf1995

    private test server, he basically had the same access to it that any GM would.
    hell, if he wanted he probably could of made some of the stuff himself, though it would take some effort

  7. Aaron Dwyer

    omg people you were able to get the corrupted ashbringer. i have proof. look up sparty on the wow website and also look at his twitch page spartysmallwood

  8. noobkiller390

    Discontinued and abandoned projects are “nothing to see”? Speak for your sself I love seeing discontinued and abandoned projects.

  9. rinaldo bogers

    The Necklace of the binding shard was once availible and has been looted by 1 person )correct me on spelling im not amazing at english

  10. Doom9987

    Or are you seeing the Swift Zulian Tiger which was in-game till ZG and ZA were made heroic 5mans and replaced with less appealing versions imo. I never saw either of the originals but saw the new version of the raptor once but didn’t win it and don’t mind.


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